Global Leadership Initiative havs participated in the San Francisco City Impact’s holiday meal preparation for the Tenderloin district, during Thanksgiving in 2013 and Christmas in 2014. City Impact is a Christian ministry; however, it does not only focus on spreading Christianity. It stresses on helping the impoverished and underprivileged in the Tenderloin district, as well as providing education for the children living in this district. Because our goal for Global Leadership Initiative is “to promote change for the world”, we decided to participate in this event in hopes of promoting change for the better to this needy district in San Franc In the both times I have been at City Impact serving and volunteering,

On December 25 , 2014, when everybody is enjoying the holiday, a group of 26 GLI members and parents joined the event. Almost 700 people were served hot meals at the two sit-down sites. In addition, over 3000 meals were delivered around the district. However, the outreach did not just stop at food. About 180 kids were given toys, 400 people received clothing, and another 400 were given groceries. That is thousands and thousands of lives that have been touched in just one day with the help of only a few hundred volunteers.

""There is a greater joy to Christmas than materialistic gifts can give. It is a joy that stems from the heart, that inspires souls, one that can be given to anyone and by everyone. This is the joy that comes from helping others. ............. It was truly amazing to see such dedication and effort put into wanting to make a difference in the (and not even their own) community. .......... The people I worked with were so kind and caring; this was not their first time with San Francisco City Impact, unlike me. It was inspiring to talk to people with such good hearts and values who genuinely cared about giving back to their community."-------- Said Angela Luo

" I have realized in my two years volunteering with City Impact is how lucky we are, living in a community that is safe, clean, and affluent. Each day we know when our meals are, we know that we will live to see another day, and we know that nothing will be stolen. However, when I was walking back and forth from the BART station to the City Impact, I was appalled that these basic “rights” were not available the citizens in the Tenderloin. Many of the citizens living in the district is below the state poverty line, do not know when their next meal is, and at constant risk of being a victim of a major crime. Buildings were dilapidated, streets were littered with trash here and there, and smells of cigarette smoke and other tobacco filled the air. After walking through this neighborhood, I have realized how fortunate I am and how oblivious many of us are to this situation. When we are finished with City Impact, many will return back to their complacent lifestyles, taking everything for granted; however, what we must do is to give back to this community, and help them thrive until they live like we do. This is the reason why Global Leadership Initiative participated in this event: we want to help build a better world for everyone. "---------Said Jerry Lai