Global Leadership Initiative havs participated in the San Francisco City Impact’s holiday meal preparation for the Tenderloin district, during Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2015. City Impact is a Christian ministry; however, it does not only focus on spreading Christianity. It stresses on helping the impoverished and underprivileged in the Tenderloin district, as well as providing education for the children living in this district. Because our goal for Global Leadership Initiative is “to promote change for the world”, we decided to participate in this event in hopes of promoting change for the better to this needy district in San Franc In the both times I have been at City Impact serving and volunteering,

The San Francisco Christmas Outreach in 2015 was a very eye-opening experience for me. Before the event, I haven’t really given homeless people much thought because there aren’t a lot of homeless in the Tri-Valley compared to San Francisco. However, after getting to meet up with the homeless, I found out that they are very similar to you and me. Many of them are incredibly kind, and some even donate to charities even though they have nothing for themselves. A great example is this guy named Charlie who sat at our table while he ate his lunch. He told us about his hobbies, such as reading, and his love for art. Charlie showed us many of his paintings and explained how he donated his paintings to local charities so he could help out people like him. The fact that a homeless man still donates to charity was a tremendous surprise to me. The Christmas Outreach was an incredibly unique experience and I can’t wait to go next year.  -- Michael Zhu