GLIFY Christmas City Impact

On Christmas morning, GLIFY members went on their annual trip to join City Impact’s efforts in serving and delivering food to people in the Tenderloin district.

Jason Lai, GLIFY VP of Operations, led a team of 30 in this outreach. Our volunteers were assigned to six groups: Kitchen, Meal Prep, Kids & Youth Outreach, Rescue Mission Café, Meal Delivery, and Building Parties. “Our goal was not to just deliver a meal but, more importantly, let them know that there were people out there who cared for them,” said Matthew Yuan, GLIFY Volunteer Coordinator.

Our Volunteers: Elaine Cai, Michelle Chen, Sandy Ching, Ethan Han, Liang Han, Joey Huang, John Huang, Justin Huang, Tingting Huang, Jason Lai, Leo Lai, Vivian Li, Florence Lin, Yi Lin, Xiaowei Liu, Lily Tang, David Qiu, Yourong Wei, Emma Wen, Meena Wen, Joyce Wu, Ellie Yan, Sunny Yan, Zhe Yu, Jian Yuan, Matthew Yuan, Wesley Zhang, Eric Zheng, Lorena Zhu, Michelle Zhu.