On September 5, 2020, GLIFY hosted the first Crayon Sorting Event. A total of 10 volunteers signed up and volunteered at the event. All volunteers were required to follow standard COVID procedures and had the option to wear gloves. The sorted crayons were then brought to melt and mold into new crayons. The new crayons were delivered to children's hospitals or other areas where children in less fortunate situations can use the crayons.

The event itself was very successful. Volunteers were allowed to sit anywhere they wanted so they could talk with their friends while they worked. Everyone had something to do, whether it was sorting the crayons or collecting the sorted bags. Volunteers also messed around with the music selection, so everyone got to enjoy Let It Go for 30 minutes. There was a 10 minute break in the middle of the session, and water and snacks were distributed to everyone. Finally, at the end of the two hour event, everyone helped clean up the leftover crayons and got their volunteer forms signed.

Overall, the event went really well and future sessions were hosted. However, due to COVID procedures becoming more strict, later sessions ended up having volunteers sort the crayons at home. Still, many volunteers still signed up for the event and it gave a lot of people something to do over the weekends instead of being stuck at home.

Crayon Sorting Event

By: Tim Fan