With the hard work and dedication of five GLIFY officers ー Kacie Hu, Maddy Zhang, Christina Dai, Daphne Yan, and Frank Xiaoー the Fall Public Speaking & Leadership Program has come to a successful end. With six sessions in total, the fall program not only covered various public speaking techniques and different types of speeches but also incorporated leadership talks into every other session. The students also had a chance to learn more about GLIFY and its various projects. Additionally, on Halloween, leaders organized a social meet-up which complied with the COVID-19 guidelines for students to get to know each other better and interact in person.

In response to our program, students gave lots of positive feedback, such as, 

“I improved on my vocal variety, stage movement, and public speaking in general”

“I enjoyed listening to the interview responses from the people in my breakout room”

“I liked listening to everyone's speeches and playing Kahoot games. I also learned more about the programs going on at GLIFY”

Parents also greatly appreciate this program and highly praised our efforts. Here are a few selected quotes from parents. 

“The program is very well organized in all aspects including pre-and post-class email communication, class, and discussion via zoom, as well as the in-person social at the park!” 

“Thanks to the hard work of all the leaders, my kid really enjoyed the class and has learned a lot.” 

“Time flies! My daughter loves this program and she really misses the interaction and fun together with her classmates throughout these classes.” 

“Thanks to the great efforts of the leaders. Our kids always enjoy this public speaking program. They have been making great progress in each session. They have become more confident and better speakers. They will be sure to continue attending this program in the future!”

This fall program was GLIFY’s second time hosting this program in a virtual format. The leaders are very proud of the improvements and achievements that all students made. A video recap of this program has been uploaded to the GLIFY YouTube account. The leaders are planning to continue this program in the spring. If anyone is interested in learning more about public speaking, stay tuned for more information regarding the Public Speaking & Leadership Program. A special thanks to the students for working hard throughout the program. The leaders all feel thankful to work with you and excited for future programs.

Fall Public Speaking & Leadership Program

By: Kacie Hu