On June 13, 2020, GLIFY held its annual college forum to hear from high school graduates about their high school and college application experiences. This year’s panel consisted of six accomplished students, including Vivian Hir (MIT), Justin Wang (Northwestern), Henry Wang (UC Berkeley), Kellie Liu (UC Davis), Matthew Yuan (UIUC), and Brighton Young (Virginia Tech), and was hosted by GLIFY co-president, Daphne Yan, and VP of PR, Brianna Zhang. In total, roughly 100 audience members attended the forum and it was a great success.

The forum began with a presentation about GLIFY given by GLIFY secretary, Maddy Zhang. She went over GLIFY events and encouraged attendees to join.

The panelists were then introduced and the questions began. The panelists answered questions about time-management and how Covid affected their senior year. They also talked about their entire college application process, including researching schools and writing essays. Some even talked about what parts of high school they enjoyed and regretted. The panelists gave very insightful and helpful tips regarding applying for college and academics in general.

The floor was then given to the parents of the panelists to talk about how they supported their children while in high school and through the college application process and the forum ended with questions from the audience.

Thank you to the panelists and parents for volunteering their time to share their expertise to help future college applicants. We would also like to give a big congratulations to the panelists for their academic success and entrance into prestigious colleges. Good luck to all!

College Forum​​