GLIFY is excited to be participating in the English Tutoring Project led by Elizabeth Cai. The English Tutoring Project, in partnership with Meaningful Teens, allows volunteers to tutor students from other countries who want to improve their English. Since the program first began, nine GLIFY volunteers have participated in five different Meaningful Teens projects. These projects include Project Yingwen, Project Cuenca, Project Diversidad, Project Change Maker, and Project Udaan. All programs have the same goal, which is to teach literacy and English language. GLIFY volunteers have virtually tutored students from China, Ecuador, India, and even refugees from around the world.   

Tutors meet with their student one on one every week for one hour. Currently, Project Udaan is occurring over Summer every Saturday at 9 AM. Meaningful Teens provides all materials and information needed to teach each student accordingly.  In total, GLIFY’s nine volunteers have collectively tutored for over 100 hours since the program started in November 2020.  

English Tutoring

By: Elizabeth Cai