Math Workshop

By: Michael Zhang  

During spring break, around eleven middle school students met every Sunday from March 28 to June 6 to practice problem-solving skills, formulas, and concepts in preparation for introductory math competitions such as AMC 8, Mathcounts, and AMC 10. 

Organized and taught by Michael Zhang, the Math Workshop provided a clear and structured lesson plan designed not only to make the leap into math competitions easy, but interesting, as well as cover a variety of topics ranging from basic algebra to precalculus.

Parents have given a lot of positive feedback, including:

"The design of this class is compact and clear. My daughter learned that math competitions are not as difficult as they seem. She enjoyed your class and had fun!"

"My son loved this program. He said that the class was fun and that he learned a lot of math competitions skills."

"Thanks for your efforts! My kid has learned a lot and was very productive."

"The lectures are clear and concise, my child learned a lot of math knowledge. I hope that you continue to run these classes in the future!"

After each session, slides containing each lesson's content were emailed to students for future use. Michael plans on continuing the program in the summer of 2021. Thanks to all parents and students who have supported this project so far, and we hope to work with you again!