The Reading/Critical Thinking Program Summer 2021 session was held between 6/21 and 7/15 and led by Elaine Peng and Fiona Peng. 

Each semiweekly session in the summer program began with a quick icebreaker game in order to help students become more comfortable with their classmates. Later, students and mentors would transition into discussing what was assigned for homework. An example of this would be watching a TedTalk, such as "The Dangers of a Single Story". Each student was assigned a series of practice questions designed to help expand their thinking. In "The Dangers of a Single Story", Adichie warns us of the harmful effects of stereotypes and closed-mindedness. In the meeting, students would discuss their personal experiences with stereotypes and how we can each avoid single stories. The students were able to share their thoughts and ideas with the class, as well as build off of others as well. To conclude the lesson, students would play a quick Kahoot game in order to solidify their knowledge on questions related to what was assigned. During the summer program, students were also assigned a final project that allowed them to further apply their new knowledge and skills to their writings. The students develop life-long skills that will aid them in their academic careers.

GLIFY's Reading/Critical Thinking Program was initiated by Brianna Zhang in 2020 and is held during winter and summer breaks for 5th to 7th graders. The goal is to help improve students' critical thinking, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Reading/Critical Thinking Program

By: Elaine Peng