Through the efforts of eight talented instructors ー Kacie Hu, Michael Li, Fengyi Ruan, Kyle Du, Aditya Dawar, Runab Dixit, James Ren, and Ryan Xu ー the Spring Debate Camp has ended on a happy note. Spanning from April 5th to 9th, this program had three levels designed to target groups of different skill levels. Each group reported back to have learned a lot and improved plenty from when the camp first started. 

The beginner level was for younger students, elementary students, that had no debate experience. Beginner instructors ー Kacie, Runab, and James ー focused on teaching the basics of argumentation and saw much improvement from the students in confidence and speaking skills. The intermediate level ー taught by Michael, Fengyi and Ryan ー was for middle schoolers to learn Public Forum specifically. By the end of the week, students were able to conduct professional debates and implement all the new techniques learned. Lastly, the advanced level was for returning and experienced students. Led by Kyle and Aditya, students were able to have more direct feedback and focused on developing more advanced skills. Overall, all three groups improved greatly and had lots of fun throughout the week. 

This is the second debate camp GLIFY has held, also through an online format. The leaders are very proud of everyone and can’t wait to work with the students again in the future. If anyone is interested in learning about debate and Public Forum, stay tuned for more information regarding a summer camp. 

Spring Debate Camp

By: Kacie Hu