3D Printing and 3D Design Class

In this class, students not only learn the basics of 3D design using CAD and are able to design their own part, but also learn how to convert their CAD designs to 3D printing files and 3D print their parts. This class is a hybrid mode with CAD learning via Zoom and in-person meetup for the 3D printing. This class teaches students many basic design skills that allow them to fully demonstrate their creativity and see their ideas come to life. Each class the students learn some new skills and have assigned objects to practice their skills on. At the end, they will use their knowledge and creativity to design an object that interests them, whether it be something they saw online or something they came up with. They will transfer their design into 3D design files and we will have in-person meetups to watch 3D printing live. They will be able to see each others’ designs and learn from each other. After completion, the students can take home their own 3D designed item!

​The teachers Jason Hu and Aiden Zhou have taken classes on 3D design with CAD. They have been on a robotics team since 5th grade, where CAD is used to model and plan the robot along with 3d printing parts. Jason has received commissions to help clients design items using CAD.  Aiden went to the FRC world championship with Quarrylane's 7419 Tech Support. Their goal is to spread the love of stem and to give back to the community. They are very happy to share their CAD knowledge with younger kids.