African Library Project

GLIFY partners with the African Library Project to set up a library in Africa using 1,000 gently used children books (donations) and 650 dollars (shipping fee). The books will be donated to a specific African school or community in need. These books will greatly impact children through nurturing literacy and improving libraries. See this link for more information about the African Library Project.

GLIFY first set up a library in Malawi, Africa in 2022. This year we are continuing this effort. We have collected close to 1800 books (1000 gently used Children’s books as well as prep books). Children’s books were shipped to Africa and other books including prep books were sold to cover the shipping fee. We shipped the books in March to build GLIFY’s second library in Africa. A third book drive is started in June, targeting a shipment of more than 1000 books to Uganda African in October.

GLIFY helps to change children’s lives, book by book, together with other volunteers, to create, improve and sustain libraries in African communities.