GLIFY DIY Computer Club

The mission of DIY Computer Club is to expose the wonderful world of computer hardware to curious young minds through hands-on building activities and career conversations with industry professionals. 

The club has hosted a couple seasons of computer building, keyboard building, music production workshops and fireside chats with industry professionals. Attracting over a hundred participants, members range from middle schools, high schools and college students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Through participating in the club activities, students learned about many basic components of computer hardware. They not only learn how different components work together, but also how to solder, assemble and troubleshoot. Participants have a chance to build and customize a fully functional computer and keyboard and bring home for their daily use. 

GLIFY DIY Computer Club was founded by Brycen Liu, a DVHS junior. He is passionate about building and tinkering hardwares. He has 4 years of experience building computers and 2 years of experience selling computers. This club is also co-led by Eric Xiao, a AVHS sophomore and Max Li, a DVHS junior.