Kevin Gao

Amador Valley High School, Sophomore

Kevin Gao is current the Vice President of Operation and Development, and former Webmaster in Global Leadership Initiative. Since 2013, he has been involving in GLI activities, such as SF City impact volunteering, Math Club tutoring, Website Designing, Cookie Fundraising, and Talent Show Presentation. At school, he joins in many clubs such as Science Olympiad, Debate, Robotics, HOSA, and Math Club. Kevin loves playing violin, and is the member of AMVH Honor Symphony and ECYS Youth Symphony. Sport is another important part in his life, he plays water polo and swims. He volunteers at Stanford ValleyCare Medical center and FSCN (Friend of Children with Special Needs). In his free time, he enjoys in 3D modeling, game coding, and chatting with friends. 

Linda Du

Michael Zhu

 Amador Valley High School, Senior

Alex Wang

Miramonte High School, Sophomore

Alex is a 10th grader at Miramonte High School. He is the project director for the Global Leadership Initiative in 2014-2015. He has many interests including in math, physics, and tennis. He recently led a project to tutor some middle school students for math competitions.

VP of Finances

Dougherty Valley High School, Senior

 Darron Dai

Angela Luo

Veronica Gong is currently the 2015-16 Arts Designer of Global Leadership Initiative. She has participated in GLI events like City Impact, the cookie fundraiser, and the talent show. Veronica has been in school clubs like Mock Trial and Art Club and has played in the pit orchestra for the District Musical. She is passionate about using her skills to help others and looks forward to doing so this year.

I am currently a Junior at the Quarry Lane School. I have been a member of GLI since Aug 2015.  I enjoy of being a webmaster for GLI website and contribute my effort to make sure the website are well maintained. Other than joining GLI volunteer activities, I am also doing volunteer for Friends of Children with Special Needs every weekend

Angela is a competitive figure skater, dancer, and aspiring rapper. In addition to juggling numerous AP and Honors classes, she loves to write and draw in her free time. She is heavily involved in her school's DECA chapter and other volunteering clubs. She also loves being a skating coach, a volunteer for Congressman Eric Swalwell, a high-achieving student, and an individual who is passionate about giving back to her community.

My name is Darron Dai, and I am a Freshman at Amador Valley Highschool. I have been a member of GLI since I was in sixth grade. I really enjoy working with other people and helping the community, which Global Leadership Initiative has allowed me to do. Some other activities I enjoy are swimming and water polo. 

Ashley Zhuang

Livermore Valley Charter, Freshman

I am Ashley Zhuang, and I am a freshman at Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory. I am currently the secretary of Global Leadership Initiative. I enjoy dancing, cheerleading, reading, and drawing.

Hi my name is Michael Zhu. I am a freshman at Dublin High School in Dublin, CA. I am 14 years old and I was born in Walnut Creek. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the GLI Organization. At Dublin High I am in Robotics Club and DECA Club, and for my extracurricular I play volleyball. Some of my hobbies are playing volleyball, reading, and watching sports. I am really excited for this year with GLI and I hope that it will be a really enjoyable year.Type your paragraph here.

VP of Marketing and Planning

Amador Valley High School, Junior 

Diana Fan has been a part of Global Leadership Initiative for four years now. Last year, she was a core member as the Arts Designer and this year, she is VP of Public Relation and Community Affairs. Diana has participated in events such as San Francisco City Impact, the Summer Talent Show, and the Holiday Cookie Fundraiser. In her spare time, Diana stays up at inhuman hours drawing. She also likes playing with animals, and spending time with her friends in San Francisco. Other than that, Diana looks forward to helping out with Global Leadership and its outreach to other communities.


VP of Operation and Development

VP of Public Relation and Community Affairs

Fundraising Coordinator

I am currently a senior at Amador Valley High School. I am the 2nd chair flutist in Wind Ensemble I. I play the piccolo in marching band and is the flute soloist in this year’s marching band show. I also volunteer at the Stanford ValleyCare Medical Center and tutor elementary schoolers in an afterschool center. I’ve been a part of GLI since 8th grade, participating in the annual talent show and cookie fundraiser.

Executive VP                 

Jerry Lai

VP of Business Development



The Quarry Lane School, Junior

Tianchen Zheng  (Eric)

Diana Fan

Shannon Yan

Amador Valley Highschool, Freshman

Senior Advisor

Shannon Yan is currently the VP of Marketing and Planning of Global Leadership Initiative 2015-2016. She has been involved with many GLI events such as the SF City Impact, annual talent shows, and cookie sale. In addition to GLI, Shannon is involved with school clubs such as DECA, Science Bowl, and Math Club. She is passionate in fields regarding books, architecture, graphic design, table tennis, and food. She was formerly the secretary of GLI.

VP of Human Resource

Jerry Lai is the current co-President for Global Leadership Initiative. He has been a part of the organization since 2011, as a core member in 2012, and as a secretary in 2013. He has done many events with GLI such as SF City Impact, CAST, the Cookie Fundraiser, and has also hosted the college seminar and the annual Summer Talent Show Fundraiser. Jerry enjoys playing basketball and swimming, watching the Bay Area sports teams, playing video games, hanging out with friends, and most importantly, sleeping. He hopes his experience will help Global Leadership Initiative grow and prosper into a bigger and better club.Type your paragraph here.


Benjamin Song

Foothill High School, Junior

Benjamin Song is a junior 11th grader at Foothill high school. He is currently the co-president. He has been a core member of Global Leadership Initiative for 4 years. He was the GLI  Webmaster in 2013-2014,  and  the VP of Operation and Development in 2014-2015. He has participated in the SF city impact, Talent show, and cookie fundraisers. He has also hosted many of these events including the talent show and college seminar. Benjamin enjoys swimming and is currently swimming for Foothill. He was also on Pleasanton Seahawks for 7 years. He also follows and sometimes plays basketball and football.

Cherri Wang 

Amador Valley High School, Senior

Cherri was part of the very first officer team and has previously been the Treasurer, Secretary, and Executive Vice President. Although she loves science and attended COSMOS for biotechnology, she has a passion for law and business and is the Vice President of Mock Trial, founder of FBLA, and executive member of Amador DECA. When she is not being an ambitious student, Cherri ice skates, twirls in ballet class, reads, or volunteers!

Eric Hou

Dougherty Valley High School, Senior

Eric Hou is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. He is the Math Club Leader of Global Leadership Initiative in 2014. He is a competitive programmer, and enjoys many STEM-related topics, having reached the semifinal rounds in many national olympiads. He is currently working on a project directed towards the goals of MIT's Big Data Initiative. In addition to STEM-related topics, Eric enjoys competitive debate. He loves to read, play the piano, and of course give back to the community his free time.

Veronica Gong

John Zhou

Amador Valley High School, Sophomore

John is a 10th grader in Amador Valley High School. He is curtly the Fundraising Coordinator of Global Leadership Initiatives. He loves badminton, track, tennis, basketball. ​

Arts Designer