Our Mission

To inspire middle and high school students to use their knowledge, skills, creativity, and imagination to promote change in the world.

Our organization entered 2019 as Global Leadership Initiatives for Youth (GLIFY). Formerly known as Global Leadership Initiative, we are now officially adopting the name under which we are registered as a 501(c)3 organization. As such, we have also updated our logo to reflect this change.

Children We Are Sponsoring

Currently, we are sponsoring orphans from Uganda as well as underprivileged and low income children in the Bay Area. Additionally, we are providing poor Chinese children with free scholarships.

Our Profile

Founded: 2010

Members: A group of high school and middle school students in Tri-Valley area, San Francisco.

Mission: To inspire middle and high school students to use their knowledge, skills, creativity, and imagination to promote change in the world.


Fundraising at Global Wonderland in Santa Clara  

Talent Show

Cookie Fundraiser

San Francisco City Impact

Alameda County Fair 

College Experience Forum

Living Arroyo

Java Class/Web Development

Open Heart Kitcehn

Art For Change


Family Giving Tree

Global Leadership Initiatives for Youth (GLIFY) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization made up of high school and middle school students in the East Bay of Northern California. We aim to inspire each other to make an impact on local and global communities.

We were founded in 2010 by a group of high school students with a passion for volunteer work. From its meager beginnings of five volunteers, GLIFY has now expanded to well over 200 members. We organize a wide variety of activities to serve the community. We also have raised money to support local and international charitable causes.

Who Are We?