On November 28th, 2015, Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) baked and packaged over 2400 cookies for its 3rd annual Holiday Cookie Sale. It took weeks to prepare and collect orders, and around 30 GLI members and parents worked together to pull this fundraiser together.

In early November, as the holiday season neared, GLI members anticipated and started planning for the cookie sale. After deciding to sell the classic chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies, each officer participating in the fundraiser completed their assigned tasks. Flyers were sent out and posted on social media (primarily WeChat) advertising the fundraiser, as well as pre-order forms for the cookies. Custom boxes and ingredients were also purchased in bulk.

On baking day, there were around 30 GLI volunteers, all coming in shifts throughout the day to maximize productivity in the baking. The earliest volunteers arrived at 9 o’clock in the morning. Cookies were made efficiently with a loose assembly line. While some members prepared and labeled the cookie boxes for packaging, others prepared the cookie dough, baked the cookies, and set them up for boxing. Despite working in an effective way, the sheer amount of cookies that had to be baked was overwhelming. Therefore, several members drove a couple hundred prepared cookie dough to their house nearby in order to increase the amount of cookies baked. In the end, through teamwork and perseverance, we managed to bake over 2,400 cookies by 5:30. We were all exhausted, but proud of our accomplishment.

With this fundraiser, Global Leadership Initiative managed to raise almost a thousand dollars in profit which will be donated to local and global charities. The cookie fundraiser is not just a way for Global Leadership Initiative to spread the holiday spirit, it is also our way of expressing our gratitude for the things we have and aiding those in need.