The GLIFY Debate Camp was initiated in the winter of 2020 by Kacie and her AVHS varsity teammates - Michael, Fengyi, and Kyle. Now, it has expanded to a total of eight leaders with two successful camps; The Winter 2020 camp had one beginner class about public forum debate that was open to 6-8th graders. The Spring 2021 camp was offered at three levels. The beginner class was open to 4-5th graders without debate experience. It covered basics of argumentation, researching a topic, the debate structure and framework. The intermediate class taught the fundamentals of PoFu with focus on case structure, rebuttal and flow. The advanced class was designed to learn the fine skills and tricks from the instructors, with emphasis on final focus and impact. Each class had a mock debate at the end. Students had the chance to develop new skills and directly apply them during the camp. Throughout the week-long camp, students improved their debate techniques immensely.  

Debate Camp