On August 27th, 2017, Global Leadership Initiative volunteered at FCSN’s (Friends of Children with Special Needs) Family Fun Fest. We had 20 volunteers from GLI attend this huge family event with around 300-400 attendees. Families came to the park to come enjoy the many activities that were provided, including games, manicures, raffles, and a bouncy house, as well as to come see the musical and dance performances by FCSN students. At the event, Global Leadership Initiative presented FCSN with a donation of $1000 from this year’s talent show profits.

GLI was honored to have been able to help out with this wonderful event. We set up booths, tables, games, and equipment, and we also helped serve food during lunch and take pictures and videos for FCSN. The work we did was very rewarding because while we volunteered, we were able to experience the feeling of community that was built with all the families, both with and without special needs children. We were also able to feel the excitement and energy the performers brought about. Working with FCSN during their Family Fun Fest was truly a wonderful experience that allowed us to experience and to give to the special needs community’s interconnectedness.