Throughout May 2017, GLI hosted its first Krispy Kreme Donut Fundraiser! We were able to take orders for boxes of delicious glazed donuts from our friends and families, and in doing so, we raised money for good causes. We collected orders and allowed people either to pick up their orders at our annual College Forum or to have the donuts delivered straight to their house. We ended up selling 90 boxes of donuts and raised over $500!

The profits we raised went towards our Family Giving Tree Back-To-School Drive Project and our GLI Chinese Scholarship. For the Back-To-School Drive, we raised money to buy backpacks and to fill them with school supplies to donate to the Family Giving Tree in order to distribute them to low-income households. For students living below the poverty level in the Bay Area, these backpacks provide them with the tools that are essential for them to succeed in their education. In addition, the GLI scholarship is given to low-income children in China who show great potential in their academic work but need financial support in order to continue their education.