Living Arroyo

Living Arroyos is an organization that aims to treat the Livermore-Amador watersheds and increase their riparian plant life. Under the supervision of organizer Felicia Walls and her team of interns, volunteers plant trees and pick out invasive species. This Saturday, GLI organized a group of 13 volunteers to participate in the environmental program. We started working right after a short introduction to our task, which the organizers made easy to understand through example. We dugs holes and planted four different types of trees, each labeled with different colored flags. With the other volunteers hard work and efficiency, we were able to plant a total of 167 trees within a timespan of three hours. It was a great experience overall, and was definitely worth the work.
For those of you who are interested in Living Arroyos, the event has been organized periodically from November and will have its last event in April.