Open Heart Kitchen


​leader Kevin Gao

Open Heart Kitchen is a local organization that has provided food to the needy since 1955. Similar in concept to programs such as Kids Against Hunger and City Impact, Open Heart Kitchen focuses its efforts on senior centers and hungry children in the Tri-Valley area. Since , 2016, Global Leadership Initiative is volunteer on behalf of Open Heart Kitchen. On April 13, a group of 8 GLI members (Kevin Gao, Amari Zhang, Angeline Liu, Bryan Hao, Angela Chu, Darron Dai, Jonathan Ye, and Michael Zhu) debuted at Ridgeview Commons Senior Center. They helped the seniors to theirs seats in the diner, prepared food, and served tea and coffee to the residents. Many friendly conversations were had between the generations, and it was an insightful experience for all.

​Since then Global Leadership has volunteered a few more times. On July 29, 2016, the original group of GLI helpers were joined by more members at the Pleasanton Senior Center as they served lunch to the local elderly, resulting in a fantastic bonding experience for the fellow workers. In October, the GLI crew had a change of pace. At the Vineyard Church, Kevin Gao, Kevin Gu, Ruilin Yu and four others met to wrap lunchboxes for local elementary schools to be brought on a field trip.

Most recently, GLI returned to Ridgeview Senior Center to once again serve dinner for the seniors in Pleasanton.

Open Heart Kitchen has been a fabulous collaboration for which GLI can't wait to come back and help out.

More detail description for this project is written by Angela Chu Open Heart Kitchen Summary