Internal Affairs

VP of Public Relations and Community Affairs

Rena Gong

Rena Gong is a junior at Amador Valley High School. This is her fourth year as a GLIFY member. She has previously served the roles of Volunteer Coordinator and VP Finance, and she is now the current Executive VP. Rena is leading the Holiday Gift Drive event and has MCed at the Mental Health Seminar and Annual Talent Show. Outside of GLIFY, she takes interest in reading and witty humor, and she hopes to find inventive ways to help others using her skills.

Matthew Yuan

Matthew Yuan is currently a ninth grader in Amador Valley High School. It is his third year volunteering in GLIFY and has participated in many GLIFY events in the past. In his free time, he likes to play the guitar and spend time with friends.

Gavin Yin

Gavin Yin is a sophomore at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton. Gavin has participated in numerous GLIFY volunteering events such as the GLIFY Talent Show, SF City Impact, Cookie Fundraiser, Open Heart Kitchen, Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN), etc. Currently he is leading GLIFY's FCSN project that help out FCSN's Saturday family gathering classes offered in Fremont. During his free time, Gavin enjoys playing golf. He also likes to travel and play video games.

Senior Advisors

Daphne Yan

Daphne Yan is a freshman at Granada High School. She has been in Global Leadership Initiatives for Youth since 2014 and is currently the secretary. She has been passionate about volunteering since she was in elementary school, and has attended and participated in many GLIFY events. Outside of school, Daphne enjoys public speaking, debate, playing volleyball, and many forms of art, including music and writing.

Mona Li

Bio coming soon!

Roy Lin​

Roy Lin is a junior at Dublin High School. He is currently the co-president of Global Leadership Initiatives for Youth. Formerly, he has acted as the VP of Operation and Development, and the Treasurers. Since 2014, he has been involved in and led GLIFY activities such as the Mental Health Seminar, Talent Show, Cookie Fundraiser, College Forum, and the Year- End Gala. He also spearheads the Open Heart Kitchen project. Roy strives to help expand from his predecessors and continue to reach the vision of Global Leadership Initiatives for Youth: help create volunteer opportunities for teenagers for benefiting the community as a whole. ​​

VP of Operations and Development

​​Ashley Zhuang

Ashley Zhuang is currently a senior at Granada High School. She has been dedicated to Global Leadership Initiatives for Youth since middle school and has formerly held the positions of Co-President, VP of Public Relations and Community Affairs, and Secretary. Her most proud accomplishments as a part of GLIFY have been starting the Holiday Wish Drive in 2015 and leading GLIFY's work involving Friends of Children with Special Needs. She has also organized and MCed for our annual GLIFY Talent Show for 3 years. Outside of GLIFY, Ashley enjoys dance and is involved with her school's CyberPatriot Club, Girls Who Code Club, Math Club, and Science Bowl Club.

Tribune Editor


Darron Dai

Darron Dai is a senior at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, California. He has served as a GLIFY officer in multiple other positions, including Treasurer, VP of Operation and Development and, most recently, Co-President. Darron has been involved in GLIFY since middle school and has participated in numerous GLIFY volunteering events such as the GLIFY Talent Show. He has also led many GLIFY projects; he has organized volunteer groups for Alameda County Fair Volunteering, as well as a GLI band which performs regularly around the community. As an experienced officer and a senior advisor, Darron will offer advice to members stepping into new core positions.

VP of Finances

Evan Xu

Evan Xu is a junior at Dublin High School. He is currently the GLIFY Treasurer, and has been a member of GLIFY for over two years, participating in many GLIFY events such as San Francisco City Impact, talent show, cookie sale, and more. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis, piano, and surfing the web.

Art Designer

Kevin Li​

Kevin Li is a Junior at Dublin High School. He is the Vice President of Finance for GLIFY. Previously, he was the treasurer for GLIFY, and has been a part of GLIFY since 2016, participating in numerous events. He started the FCSN Lego Robotics Class and has continued to organize and lead it. In his spare time, he likes playing tennis, video games, and coding.



External Affairs

Eric Luo

Eric Luo is currently a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been a member of GLIFY for several years. Since 2016, he has been a GLIFY officer where he served as the Secretary and the VP of Human Resources.  Eric has participated and volunteered in many GLIFY events, such as the GLIFY Talent Show, Gala, and College Forum. He has also led multiple GLIFY events, including San Francisco City Impact. Outside of GLIFY, Eric enjoys participating and competing in his school's tennis and Speech and Debate team.    

Jason Lai

Jason Lai is currently a junior at Monte Vista High School in Danville, California. He is currently the VP of Internal Operations and Development and has been a part of Global Leadership Initiative for Youth for five years. Jason has participated in the cookie fundraiser, San Francisco City Impact, and GLIFY talent show. In his free time, he loves to play basketball and plays on his varsity high school team. He also enjoys spending time with friends and playing football.

Bryan Hao

Bio coming soon!

Executive VP

Volunteers Coordinator


Vivian Hir

Vivian Hir is currently a sophomore at Quarry Lane School. She is the VP of human resources and this is her second year in GLIFY. She led the flea market fundraising event to help KHEN Cambodia. Before coming to GLIFY, she was the middle school head of Orphanage Club at Taipei American School. At Quarry Lane, she is the founder of Global Education Club, which has a tutoring and reading program for those that need help. Not only that, she is in the school’s Science Olympiad team, math club, and Tri-M. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and playing the piano.

Justin Wang​

Justin Wang is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. He joined GLIFY in 2013 and was secretary for the year of 2017-2018. In addition to participating in GLIFY events such as the Talent Show or Cookie Fundraiser, he performs in the GLIFY band to seniors and the larger community. Justin is an accomplished pianist and loves to use music for volunteering. ​

VP of Human Resources

VP of Marketing and Planning

Jessica Phongsa

Jessica Phongsa is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, California. She is the art designer for GLIFY and has participated in many of GLIFY’s events over the past few years, including the annual talent show, the SF City Impact, and volunteering at Friends of Children with Special Needs. Outside of school, she enjoys playing the violin, piano, doing digital and traditional art, and hanging out with her friends.

Emily Hou

Emily Hou is currently a freshman at Dougherty Valley High School. She is on The Global Leadership Tribune Editorial Board. She has participated in GLIFY events such as the Cookie Fundraiser and Talent Show. In addition to Global Leadership Initiative For Youth, she is involved in DECA, Dougherty Valley Womens’ Golf, and Girl Scouts. Outside of GLIFY, Emily plays competitive golf and enjoys baking, gardening, writing, and cooking.