Art for Change Fundraiser - SF Easter Parade - April 16, 2017

By: Elaine Lee

On April 16, 2017, Art for Change attended the San Francisco Easter Parade, where we set up a booth to raise money for Autism Speaks. Despite the terrible rain, the cold weather, and the high winds, every single member of the team still persisted in getting their jobs done. The experience was truly heartwarming and I am still amazed by the team’s dedication to serving a cause bigger than ourselves.

Before I announce the total donations we received during the Easter Parade, I want to point out that attendance for this year's Easter Parade was maybe a quarter of last year's because of the rain. Despite this glaring problem, we still did an amazing job, raising $1100 in 6 hours!

One thing that helped contribute to our success was the team. Everyone on the team went above and beyond with his/her duties and was instrumental to our success. Those manning the booth did a great job "seeing everything" and explaining Autism Speaks to our donors. Our advertisers came up with a great system for working together, gave each other advice and tips, and were proactive. The musicians were very well-practiced and did a great job capturing the attention of passersby. Best of all, not a single person complained about their job. Another smaller success was the sound system. The keyboard and the amp worked beautifully, and people could actually hear us. However, there were also a few setbacks, which we can improve on for next year. First, we need a better system for storing the flyers. By the end of the fundraiser, we had quite a few perfectly good flyers lying on the ground. Another thing is that we need better signs. One of our signs was made of watercolor paper, and completely dissolved in the rain.

I, along with GLI and Art for Change, would like to thank everyone who attended the fundraiser and helped raise money for Autism speaks. You guys did a great job!