FCSN Summer Family Fun Fest

By Gavin Yin

On August 19th, 2018, Global Leadership Initiative volunteered at FCSN’s (Friends of Children with Special Needs) annual Summer Family Fun Fest, just like last year. We had 15 volunteers from GLI attended this huge family event of the community with around 300 attendees. Families with special needs kid came to the Always Dream Play Park in Fremont to enjoy many games set up by volunteers, as well as the free lunch offered by FCSN. Kids can play with structures in the park.  Families also enjoyed many rounds of raffles and prizes offered by FCSN. An inflatable bouncy house was set up in the park to allow little ones jumping inside. FCSN’s talented musicians offered a one-hour long live performance containing many pop and dancing songs that brought smiles to everyone. 

GLI was honored to be able to help this wonderful community event, along with many other volunteers. We set up booths and game tables, load and unload equipment. We are also the main group serving food to over 300 guests during the lunch time.  Jonathan Ye from GLI was assigned as the event photographer for FCSN and he took may videos clips for FCSN to be posted on their social media.

FCSN’s Summer Family Fun Festival offered a unique experience for GLI members.  We had to collaborate with many other volunteers to get job done. It will enforce the collaboration between volunteers and improve our communication skills. The work we did was very rewarding since we are part of the groups to bring smiles and happiness to the community, that was built with all the families, both with and without special needs children. Working with FCSN during their annual Summer Family Fun Fest was truly a wonderful experience for all GLI members who had attended the event.