Face Shield Project

By: Brighton Young


This August, 20 volunteers from GLIFY hand-made over 400 face shields to be donated to local school districts, police departments, and essential businesses. Each volunteer crafted 20 face shields in the safety of their own homes which were then sent to project leaders to be sanitized and distributed. The face shields are crafted with durable foam headbands and plastic visors, specifically targeting the wearer’s protection and comfort.

GLIFY’s Face Shield project is led by highschool students Brighton Young, Florence Lin, Justin Zhao, and Kacie Hu. This month, approved face shields will be donated to Danville Senior Center, Medshare, and FCSN, among others.

Current session members include: Elizabeth Cai,Christina Dai, Vivian Hir, Kacie Hu, Joey Huang, Chengqi Li, Junlin Li, Florence Lin, Daniel Thinfen, Angela Wei, Samuel Wu, Frank Xiao, Eric Xiao, Brighton Young, Matthew Yuan, Madeline Zhang, Alex Zhang, Brianna Zhang, Maddy Zhang, and Justin Zhao.