GLIFY Team Bonding

By: Daphne Yan     

During the COVID pandemic, GLIFY canceled all in-person meetings. Some events were suspended while other events resumed with strict social distancing policies. GLIFY officers and project leaders created several online classes and training activities. After being virtual for longer than a year, a team bonding activity was needed to build and unite a strong leadership team.

On June 19th, 2021, GLIFY held a team bonding event for our officers, project leaders, and active members to work and talk together in person. Thanks to Tim Fan’s family, who reserved the picnic area at Boone Acres Park at San Ramon, a quiet and beautiful environment was provided for us to do our volunteering activity, sorting used crayons collected from donating organizations by color.  The crayons will be sent back to the Crayon Initiatives to get recycled into new crayons that will be delivered to places like hospitals and youth centers where children will receive them. This was such an inviting event that encouraged attendees, members and parents alike, to talk and get to know each other while working.

After sorting crayons, we had our first in-person monthly meeting in over a year. We started with self-introductions to get to know everyone and how they were doing, then we proceeded with our normal discussions.

After the core member meeting, Samuel Wu and Eric Xiao prepared physical activities and games that encouraged teamwork and fun competition between core members. In total, the event ran from 9:30am to 12:30am and was attended by 21 students. We were happy to have met and gotten to know the people who are involved in GLIFY!