GLIFY Contributes to Success of 2019 Alameda County Fair
By Gavin Yin

In June and July of 2019, 84 GLIFY members and their families volunteered at the iconic Alameda County Fair. In its 107th year, this year's fair attracted 450,000 visitors.

GLIFY volunteers were responsible for various duties including exhibition building monitoring, youth educational booth and program monitoring, guest information and customer service, and STEAM program facilitation. Among the 600 volunteers at the fair, GLIFY members contributed a whopping 1,350 hours of work.

A big shout out to the five GLIFY volunteers who worked the most hours:
Philip Liao (107 hours)
Michael Zhang (75.5 hours)
Bryan Tang (68 hours)
Gillian Qian (68 hours)
Justin Huang (52 hours)

The service of our volunteers touched thousands of people of all ages. Their efforts contributed to the success of the fair.