In the summer of 2017, Global Leadership Initiative core member Darron Dai organized a group of volunteers to help run the Alameda County Fair. With such a big event, there were many hands needed to keep it running for three weeks. There were countless jobs to help with, including guest services and holding a booth to teach about solar panels. By helping the event run smoothly, the Fair offered to donate a portion of money per hour of volunteering to an organization of the volunteer’s choice. The GLI volunteers worked an unbelievable 371.5 hours for the County Fair, leading to a large donation for Global Leadership Initiative. The top three contributors in order were Bryan Hao, Brittany Fu, and Alice Wang. Bryan completed an astounding 55 hours of volunteering at the county fair, accounting for 1/7 of the donation alone. Brittany volunteered for a total of 24 hours, an entire day, in just three weeks. Finally, Alice worked for a total of 20 hours for the Alameda County Fair. This volunteering event has greatly impacted Global Leadership Initiative as it has brought in a large amount of revenue for the organization to donate. With the money GLI was donated by the County Fair, we bought countless school supplies to offer to the children in need of them. These supplies included backpacks, stationary, and notebooks. Overall, this volunteering event was a huge success and we plan to participate in it again next year.