During this past summer, GLI put on a three week computer science summer camp led by Andrew Wang and Michael Zhu. Here in the Bay Area, AP Computer Science has become an increasingly popular class, so GLI wanted to start a class to give beginners the programming experience they need to succeed in the AP CS course. Both camp instructors had scored a 5 on the AP CS exam, and had a diverse experience in computer science prior to the camp. The three week camp ran over the basics of java and object oriented programming, along with common programming functions that lay the foundation to computer science. This included variable types, constructors, objects, for loops, if statements, etc. The IDE used in this course was Eclipse, a professional level editor that is commonly used in the industry. By the end of this camp, students were able to program a simple four function calculator that used user typing input. Students were able to grasp a basic understanding of the java programming language and experienced the use of a professional grade editor. We hope for the best in their future computer science careers.