On November 29th, 2014, I went to GLI’s Cookie Baking Fundraiser. It was an interesting day; meeting new people, trial and error with making cookies, and selling the cookies.

      The experiences that I have gained that day were very valuable. We smelt the scent of sweet cookies all day, ate pizza for lunch, and had a great time. The first steps to baking would be to first gain all the ingredients, and then mixing the butter, eggs and flour together. Then, you would get another bowl, and put in salt, baking soda, and sugar. You would then mix the two bowls’ contents together. Eventually, after the dough becomes clumped and sticky, you remove the dough into another bowl and send it to the next station, to be made into balls of cookie dough. Then the cookies were baked and then the cookie making process restarts. We split the group into two sections, the chocolate chip cookie section, and the snicker doodle section. Those sections were then split into stations that did special jobs. One station was dedicated to making the dough, and then another station was in charge of rolling the dough into balls to be baked, and the final station was in charge of the baking. We also had a station to package the cookies into boxes. We put 10 cookies in each box and made over 1800 cookies to sell for fundraising.

      The cookie fundraiser was successful. The money earned from fundraising all went to places in need. We were considering helping orphans in Africa. I learned very much from this experience, I learned how to make cookies, more specifically, how to make the cookie dough, and I had a great time with the many new experiences at the cookie fundraiser.

-- By Adam Zhu