President's Volunteer Service Award Application Questions & Answers

Q: How do I distinguish between “Global Leadership Initiatives for Youth volunteer hour form (with GLIFY logo)” and “Volunteer Hour Form (without GLIFY logo)”?

A: GLIFY volunteer form is for GLIFY internal program/project used only, project leader parent or Co-president sign the volunteer hours; however, Volunteer Hour Form is for outside GLIFY program/project use only, outside GLIFY organization manager/supervisor sign the volunteer hours. (Refer to the volunteer hour forms sample).

Q: If I used the wrong form, how can I fix this problem?

A: Just make sure the description/note is clear and matches the volunteering event attended.

Q: If the project leader helps prepare for a non-GLIFY affiliated event, does it count as volunteering hours?

A: Yes, it counts. The PL should fill out the GLIFY volunteer hour form and ask another PL parent or Co-President parent sign the form. (Refer to the volunteer hour forms sample)

Q: When will the volunteer expect to get the President Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) application request email?

A: GLIFY will send out the “Application PVSA” email in July every year. If you want to apply for the PVSA via GLIFY, please follow the email instruction to fill out the form. In August, detailed application instructions will be sent to you.

Q: How do I fill out the “PVSA Volunteer Hours Summary” form if I had volunteered different programs/projects in the whole service year?

A: Only one volunteering project per line. Hours refers to the total hours volunteered in that specific project. Put the programs/projects in order from earliest to the latest. (Refer to PVSA form sample)

Q: How do I organize all the papers before submitting the PVSA documents to GLIFY?

A: The PVSA Volunteer Hours Summary form is the first page. The following backup pages are Volunteer Service Hour forms related to this PVSA summary form (including GLIFY logo volunteer hour forms and non-GLIFY logo volunteer hour forms).  If you had volunteered in different programs/projects, use a paper clip to put the volunteer hour forms under the same program/project together. Forms for each program/project should be put in the order based on the description written on the PVSA Volunteer Hours Summary.