​​Amongst the many community services and charitable work that Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) has done this year, one of its most notable accomplishments is what the GLI Web Team has done since its establishment in spring of 2015. Led by Dougherty Valley High School student Eric Hou, the Web Team has already created websites for the California DECA Parent Board and the Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation (SVCAF). GLI members Owen Tang and Kevin Gao also help Eric organize the team and provide specialized help in technique and fixing glitches, while members Shannon Yan and Adam Gao have done especially superb jobs completing their website building tasks.

Along with Eric, the members of the GLI Web Team include middle school and high school students from the tri-valley area. They are Kevin Gao, Owen Tang, Alex Wang, Adam Zhu, Winnie Wang, James Zhao, Shannon Yan, Bryan Hao, Roy Lim, Michael Zhu, Ashley Zhuang, Anny Yang, Darron Dai, Patrick Wang, and Jerry Lai. The team works diligently, and having only officially met twice, once per project, the fact that the team has already completed two websites is amazing. Members collaborate online to meet weekly deadlines, make templates, insert media, and fix buggy pages, which allows them to finish a website in about a month.

It is also because of the California DECA Parents Association, who donated $200 to the Web Team as a thank you for building their website, that the team is able to rent classrooms and provide free computer science classes for all members, which Eric also teaches. Eric has already taught two of these classes, covering the programming languages HTML and CSS. He’s excited because the students are showing great progress and enthusiasm, allowing the class to “cover ground relatively quickly.” They are currently learning about Java and will soon take on JavaScript. And because half of the class is also on the GLI Web Team, these students will use the programming skills they’ve gained from the class to build a brand-new website for Wang Academy, which will be their first website made completely from scratch. . Eric said that anyone in the class, or anyone with even the slightest interest in computer science, is welcome to join the Web Team.

Web Development Team