GLI Winter Leadership Forum

Shannon Yan

As a continuation of the 9-week summer Youth Leadership Program, Global Leadership Initiative held a Winter Leadership Forum to review public speaking skills as well as to introduce students to life as a college student, and possible career paths. The program was a success, with over 20 students attending.

The program started with a two-hour training session reviewing the basics of good public speaking and giving everyone an opportunity to incorporate the skills in a self-introduction speech. Topics such as speech structure, the use of vocabulary, vocal variety, and relaxation techniques were demonstrated by youth leaders.

Such tips included:

How to control nerves when losing train of thought

Relaxation Techniques - Pause, Breathe, Smile

Gestures toward your action verbs

Vocal Variety Techniques

How to Evaluate to Motivate - GLOVE Technique






Afterwards, each participate gave a two to three minute “icebreaker” speech where they introduced themselves. These speeches were evaluated and given feedback to better improve their skills.

The leadership training session also included two forums, featuring college student and adult panelists. The career development forum involved many professionals in their industry to share their experiences in education and their career, as well as give advice for high schoolers. All the adults were parents of GLI members, including Dr Amy Liu (Professor), Dr Gao (Dentist), Dr Chu (Google engineer), and Dr Luo (Financial area). The adults also answered many questions the students had. The college life forum included several former GLI officers: Chris Wen (Columbia), Cherri Wang (Harvard), Angela Luo (Stanford), Eric Hou (Berkeley) as well as current GLI officers Jerry Lai (UCLA), Ben Song (Biola), and Alex Wang (Cornell). These outstanding students discussed the qualities of being a good youth leader, the college application process, and college life and advice in general.